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M P Konesh is a name printed in gold in the history of music in Sri Lanka, especially in ligh music and pop music.

My journey started with Sri Lanka Radio, as a child artist. Grew up from Kids Program Odi Vilaiyadu Papa, Siruvar

Malar, Feature Programs, Women’s programs, Classical concerts in Vocal, Veena, Devotional Music (Thirumurai), and light songs.

Although I began very early, my career as broadcaster started in 1972, I understand that Mr. Paramesh and Mr. Konesh had released the first Tamil LP disc. I was working for the Education service and was appointed as producer music in 1974 and gradually rose up the ladder as Organiser programs ,Controler mlight music, controler classical music and reached the highest level as Director Music and then Director Tamil Service and as the member in the Board of Directors.

Why should I talk about me ,when the hero is Mr Konesh.? The reason is how I came to know him as a top music composer.. MrKonesh was graded as a super grade music composer from 1978 to 1983 and composed more than 60 songs I understand. since 1974 Konesh became popular since 1978 up to Srilanka and then he proceeded to Germany and now in Canada.

His songs were very popular among young and the old. I always regretted that in my long Caeer as a musician, I had sung light songs for almost all the light music composers but not to Konesh’s music.

I mentioned this to him when I spoke to him during my visit to Canada.

I wish him all the best in all his future endeovours and pray that he produce more songs for our Future genetation too.

Dr Arunthathy Sri Ranganathan

Founder / Director Aru Sri Art Theatre

Lecturer University of Visual and performing arts.
Indian cultural center

Former Music Director / Director Tamil Service
Board Directoas
Srilanka Broadcasting corporation

First recipient of
Prathepa Pranamash
State life time award for Radio Broadcasting

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